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I love simplicity

This page is about inspirations and motivations to create this blog site, named Exotic Wanderings. I am a blogger, feel free to read the whole story. Maybe my blogs can help you to gain your exotic wanderings.

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Life is full of harsh realities, no one can be always happy in their entire lifetime. To live life, to fight with problems. To enjoy all the opportunities and moments. We have to be happy.

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Our lives are full of many beautiful and harsh memories. Where Many are still coming where no one knows in which second, they have to suffer for pain or a love and joy splash on their face.

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Every day comes with a new opportunity, to rebuild and develop yourself; polish your skills, and your personality, make a spark in your relationship with yourself or maintain relationships to fill your life with happiness.

It is easy to hurt someone or can discard anyone from your life. But it’s hard to solve problems, or make yourself a strong person to handle problems and make a smart move.

To make yourself smart with your thinking skill and your mindset, appeal to your personality. There are some personal development blogs to read.

You don’t have to live in a prison created by your mind. Or with instructions of the expectations of the other. Choose your life path with your own rules; that still do not hurt people around you.

Life itself is not a problem anyone can solve. But it is a harsh and beautiful reality to be experienced by Bypassing different stages. We all learn by successfully facing the unknown & eventful journey of our lives. This includes the inspiration and motivations to live your life on your terms.

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Mohani Srivastava

Graphic Designer and Content Writer; Passionate about creative designs.

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