agape definition love

Agape definition love (love of humanity)

What does agape love mean?

What is agape love definition and the meaning to define humanity’s love? Which is love without self-benefits. Forgiveness is essential to your health to reduce your anger which destroys you.

Humanity love is a love where when you give it to others you do not want it returned from the same person. In this love, it is hard to love and not nothing in return except happiness and joy. Where forgiveness is the most important aspect in it is where you have a big warm heart to forgive people. Forgiveness is a term which keeps you away from the heat of anger.

It is done by doing work on the aspects of the needy people. Helping others spread an excellent message to mankind for happiness and joy.


It is selfless, sacrificial love for all. Greed to see all mankind and the environment happy. We are staying together and helping each other.

It is a love of choice not by attraction or returns policy. A pure unconditional selfless love thing to see all mankind happy. That is how we view ourselves and how we want to view others in our eyes.

That’s a love which saves humanity and raises the brotherhood. It shapes you into a whole new person when you start loving nature.

Agape love definition examples

it is not dishonouring others, easily getting angered, or being too selfish. it is far away from these emotions which make people bound. Keep self-control, faith, kindness, and peace in yourself.

Love of mankind

The love which laughs when others get joy. A smile on your face to make anyone smile. To help a person who needs help. Taking care of others’ emotions.

Is agape unconditional love

Agape is an unconditional, selfless, pure form of love for all mankind. It is the purest form of humanity.

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