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Art and Colour which is best to use for your drawing

Art and colour are most favourite hobbies to play all of us commonly. But after making a drawing you have to decide it paint. You are thinking about which one to choose from different varieties of art colours which also fit your drawing.

How to Use Color in Art

Want to Use the best Art Colour for your painting or drawing?

Painting and drawings are everyone’s favourite things to do as a hobby. But it comes to choosing the type of paints for your artwork. It is a choice which makes your painting or drawing more beautiful and suits your painting style. Everything has a unique structure, texture and beauty which makes different paintings a different remark.

So, let’s see how many paint types for drawings and paintings you can use for your art. Also let’s compare the difference between the price, texture, longevity and all elements for each painting.

Type of Art Paint Colors

Oil Art Color

oil art color
  • Oil Colours are colours which give the drawing or painting a smooth glossy finish after painting. You can make a beautiful colour shade by mixing them together. And gives good coverage to the painting.
  • After colouring the drawing with oil paint, it takes too much time to try o dry it. But you can create beautiful effects with different colour shades and make a beautiful shade on canvas. Also, it is so last lasting.
  • These are not water-based colours. But Water in it makes them beautiful. You can use water to create different shades.
  • This is mostly and widely used in paintings like scenes, and real people. It has a loch, which makes it thin. You can mix it with water which made it thinner and creates a thick consistency. Which has wonderful texture effects creation is easy.
  • It comes in the form of tubes on market with thousands of colour shades. But oil paints are a bit costly. Most painters use oil paints for their paintings.

Acrylic Art Colour

  • Acrylic Color gives a smooth waterproof finishing and a multipurpose colour.
  • Colours give you a good finishing touch with a brush and are very bright which cant be achieved by other casual colours.
  • They are available in tubes and small ink bottles on market. And have too many colour shades These are non-toxic and cost-effective. And easily available at a low price.
  • It dries very fast which is also an advantage to creating painting very fast and clean. And the disadvantage is you cannot easily remove the mistakes.
  • Acrylic paint colours work on every surface. Wooden surface, glass, paper, canvas, cotton cloths, metal. Also, it did not become yellow after some time.
  • Mostly, it is used on cotton cloths and canvas.

Water Art Colour

water art colour
water art colour
  • Watercolours are probably gum colours. Pigment and binder binding materials are mixed in it. Gum Arabic gives you a guarantee that after mixing with water it does not give you layers after paintings.
  • Watercolours give a very transparent finish and can dry very fast. Also, Mistakes are easily removable. It is used on paper but you cannot use watercolours on other surfaces like fabric, wood, and leather.

Gouache Colours

  • Gouache colour is a colour which can be easily mixed with water, which seems like watercolour effects. It reduces the paper transparency from paintings. Which gives a matt finish touch to paintings. And after the paintings vanish coating has to be done and then sealing the paintings.
  • Gouache Colours are chalk shaped, and observed the light, not reflecting the light. It is very thin in water comparison. And become dark, and takes too much time to dry which takes too much time to create a full painting.
  • It becomes water-resistance after it dries. Which is a new variation of colour acrylic gauge and is like an acrylic-based binder.

Encaustic Colours

It is wax-based durable paint colour. Artists use heat sources and use metal tools to start the painting. Which is mostly and only used by artists.

Pastel Art Colour

Pastel colours come in stick form and take very less time to create a painting or drawing. This is also called dry painting because there is no water used during the painting. That’s why you can drow by using pastels anywhere easily which makes it a portable solution. and after finishing the painting you can frame it with a glass.

Art Coloured Pencils

This is from the easy-to-use colours. Using its help you can shade your drawing very well. But the disadvantage is that it can be eased with a pencil razor because it is totally like a pencil but in colour. Because of this it cant be stored for a long time. But in a market, it comes in a wide range and variety. Tons of shades are available in the market for pencil colours. But you cant create a shade by mixing them well.

Thanks for reading this, Keep prioritizing your hobbies. And also, please comment on which one you choose from above these for your art.


You can choose plastic crayon colours or pencil colours if you want to create a soft drawing with lots of colours with shades. And can select an acrylic colour if you want to create a masterpiece for a long time.

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