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This page is an author-about page; where you can find the inspiration and motivations to create this blog site, named Exotic Wanderings.

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Hey, I am the owner of this site. I am a very creative person who has many skills and interests in creative development in different areas. Which I like to share with you people. I see many ups and downs in my life with many emotions around me and emotional people themselves. I am creating this site as a personal website to share my journey experiences including the emotional feeling and journeys of other people too. Hope you will enjoy reading my blogs and these posts. I want your support to run and grow this site.

What you can find here

Exotic Wanderings is the place where you can find a solution to your problems. The overarching purpose of this site is to spread happiness. Here you can find a way to improve your belief in your thoughts. There are many hearts bumping cute sayings, and romantic love quotes. Heartbroken Shayari and psychological relationships and life advice are written in the form of posts. Various career-related advice to brighten your future according to your future wanderings.

About the Author

Mohani Srivastava

Computer Science graduated

Graphic Designer and Content Writer; Passionate about creative designs and love artworks and crafts as well as fictional stories.

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Let’s come and join this community. I have had a lot of thoughtful interesting life experiences. And I love every movement of them. I will be trying to keep things simple. To join us get in touch and get a subscription to our newsletter section. And also, you can follow us on our social platforms.

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