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Best Texting Game to play Romantically

Texting Games to Play

Best texting game to play with your friend’s group. These texting games help you to find out more about your friends.

How to Play Texting Games

Best Texting games to play on social media groups with friends. Are you wishing for games over the chats? Games are a very good way to build fun moments. Here are some interesting group texting games to play.

how to play texting games
how to play texting games

Group Texting Games

Games become more fun when you are with your friends’ group. But what happens when can’t be together because of lockdowns? Not everyone can play PUBG, or get bored with playing alone offline games. Social media is helping to make people close. But you don’t have things to talk about daily, especially during lockdowns. When not so much work is done, and you are not doing your daily activities. Where every day is filled with twists. So, Let’s try to do some text fun with Group Texting Games.

group texting games
group texting games

Best Texting Game

Texting games can be done on social media platforms. But what to text about or what to do to make interest. Here is the solution for you to try.

Group Chat Texting Games

Group Texting games to play on chats are here listed below.

Kiss, Marry, Kill

Players can ask others who would they kiss when having a chance. Want to marry if get a chance. Or want to kill someone for a fun purpose. Where options are not only from the group members. You can include Celebrities and outsiders in this.

Antakshari in Chats

Online Antakshari with 7-8 friends just sounds perfect, right? Antakshari is more interesting when it is divided into two or three groups. With having more than two or three members in it.

Building Storylines Games

Any one person from the group starts saying Once upon a time. And the other next member writes the other lines. Like this, it continues this way. And the story becomes interesting or funny. Any kind of story you create. For example, horror, fiction, funny.

Including yourself too means plotting it on one of you to make it more fun. Games are more interesting when it is with your school or college friends.

Rapid Fire

Simple, but suitable to play with only two-three close friends. One has to say some sentence and the other says the first word which comes to their mind. Also, this game reveals secrets.

Know Your Friend

Know your friend is where you are questioning in the group. And the others are giving their answer. Through this, you can discover your friend’s interests and think. Set some 4-5 questions and send them to your group. And see how many give their answer wisely.

Emoji Texting Games

Making fun with emojis and stickers is amazing in this era, where lots of stickers are there.

Animated stickers and gifs make it more imaginable, creative, and long-lasting. There are tons of stickers and gifs available on the apps themselves. Or from outsider apps too, use them to create fun in your boring chats.

emozi texting games
emoji texting games

Truth Dare and Stare

Truth dare stare is a very popular game. It can also be played romantically between lovers’ groups. By this players tease or flirt with each other. It is played by bottle spinning, but how online. For this, you can use some of the android apps named truth dare stare. You can find them in the Play store for android users.

Wanna play a texting game with your crush or with your girlfriend, here’s something for you.

In the end, something to Say

  • In group chats, it is difficult to make patience with members. And maintain consistency and balance is sometimes difficult, Because;
  • Not every group member is the same-natured.
  • First, ask who wants to play.
  • Decide the time to start.
  • Try not to do bad moments for someone.

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