Elementor page builder WordPress plugin beneficial Features

What is WordPress Elementor

Elementor is one of the most popular and best page builders. Provide great drag-and-drop features to easily create beautiful landing pages. Used to build beautiful, dynamic pages. It provides unique outstanding features which make Elementor stand out from the competition.

We are doing this to discuss how it can benefit you. It is actively used by more than 4 million users; with a 4.7-star rating. It is the first choice for designers to design outstanding pages.

Is Elementor free?

You can use and install the Elementor plugin for 100% free. Yes, it is free to use. If you are using WordPress then you can download it for free from its plugin section.

In an Elementor free version, all the base features are free. Which is enough to make designs for pages. Check out the blog from Astra to know the difference between Elementor and Elementor pro features.

  • Can be created beautiful page designs. If anyone has no good knowledge of designs.
  • Pre-made designed templates complete every people’s needs. which are responsive on mobile devices.
  • Using the pro version you can make popups.
  • It is so much flexible with most of the WordPress themes. easily adapt the environment and settings from the theme.
  • It provides features to the made a woo-commerce website. by which you can create and modify each section of the page.
  • By using its hello Elementor theme and with the pro version.
  • Most popular themes provide pre-made templates designed to fit them. And templates can be easily installed. With only one click.

Who has to use it

Anyone can use it using the WordPress interface and build their pages appealing. If you are designing your pages with Gutenberg which also provide a very good design. but after using this plugin you forgot Gutenberg.

If you are going to make a website with WordPress I suggest you install the plugin to try. It is user-friendly. And can be learned to use easily.

What features does it provide?

  • You can inherit the colour and design settings from your chosen theme. Or can separately individually make setting and colour designs.
  • It provides many widgets and blocks to put for combining features you want to add to your web pages.
  • It supports dynamic page building.
  • You can design your single post, 404 pages and many more with its pro features.
  • It is a little bit costly to purchase Elementor pro but the features it provides are outstanding. And value for the price.

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