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Eye Contact Quote – Deep Passionate Love Attraction Quotes

Eye Contacts and their Attractions

Eye contact and eye contact Quote; are more attractive and romantic romances between lovers. While making eye contact if you say these quotes then it makes you more romantic. Romantic Quotes make your feelings in words in front of your love.

Eye Contact Love and Attraction Quote

Here are some Quotes based on deep eye contact in love quotes. Share with your partners, or with your crush to share your deep feelings.

eye contact love and attraction quotes
eye contact love and attraction quotes

Old style handwritten letters, direct eye contact, stolen smiles, say relief. And the art of listening to your heart was that time original social media. And that was dam romantic.

“Contact with eyes is more intimate than words can ever be”.

“Making eye contact with you. Kicks my heart to fall in love again”.

“Beautiful photos make more beautiful, with eye-locking emotions”.

“Photographs make more speak with eye contact gestures”.

Eye to Eye Contact Love Quotes

Eye-to-eye contact for more than 3 seconds is so rare in this rough world. If you get it you are so lucky.

eye to eye contact love quotes
eye to eye contact love quote

Look yourself in a mirror, and say “You Love You” as many times in a day. And make yourself special.

“Wanna avoid my eye contact, just Kiss me”.

Eye contact is a special game for lovers. To love the way they want”.

“It is a way to accept proposals, without saying a word”.

A most romantic way to say I Love you without saying a word from these three.

“With eye contact, it can lead to a sexual romance in a deliciated way”.

After looking into your eyes it’s harder for me to find a path to go.

Eye Contact in Love Quotes

Love quotes related to eye contact with attraction. Heart relations and feelings can be easily seen by eyes. They truly reflect the emotions and feelings of the hearts.

eye contact in love quotes

I see hope and love written in your eyes, and I am admiring it. It’s so lovely.

I am waiting for the end to come while bracing and trying to make this work. Tell me this is the end.

“Wishing you to be interested in me entirely as I am with yours”.

I am willing to put your pieces back together, and risk getting hurt myself in the process and; I will take risk after risk, just to make you feel whole yourself again.

Psychology of Eye Contact and Love

The psychology of eye contact and their love strategy is very interesting. Wanna read some of the rules in love with your eyes check below.

“I can see our story written in your eyes, lets me help you fight some battles for you”.

Can’t understand how in just a short period of time, you turn into someone special.

“I can write the memories in a story let them be continued, and stay forever to make more memories together”.

Your passion is too good a king of hot, and I am passionate about your passion.

“My love for you is a kind of fire itself when just I see in your eyes”.

I love you but not put you in a cage where you can breathe or grow.

“I let myself fall for you like leaves gently falling”.

Let us do this and try to make creating these beautiful memories together.

Pour your heart into me, I promise not to break it.

Eye Contact Love Status

Love status on eye contact to put on your social accounts. Share these romantic and exotic eye contact quotes on love socially.

eye contact love status
eye contact love status

At that time, you are not meaningless, a time when I get you, coz you mean a lot to me.

Just look into my eyes you can see the deep promise of love for you forever.

I remember that first day when I ever looked into your eyes and felt my entire world flip.

T don’t think you realize how easy it is to fall into the ocean that is your eyes.

Love is so romantic when you look into someone’s eyes and then can see their heart.

Meeting my eyes with yours; gave me overwhelming emotions that can’t be put into words.

Quotes on Attraction with Eyes

Here are some quotes on the attraction with eyes. Share the quotes with a deep feeling by seeing them in their eyes.

quotes on attraction with eyes
eye contact quote

I have no words to explain how the sound of your voice and your eyes gives me butterflies; And how your smile makes my heart skip a beat.

Eye contact is way more intimate than words can ever be.

You wanna hide yours, but your eyes said you were feeling it too.

We try to hide our feelings but forgot that our eyes can speak.

Some peoples are not good listeners, but they kept quiet for a long time, while someone can talk with them. And some types of people are so self-conscious that they are unable to make eye contact for longer than a second. They greet out of pity or insecurity.

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