how do I stop pretending to be happy

How do I stop pretending to be happy promising colourful ways

Want to stop pretending to be fake happy in front of other people?

How to stop pretending to be happy?

You don’t have to stop pretending to be happy you just have to be happy in real. Make yourself feel happy by feeding your soul by following these methods.

Why do I have to pretend to be happy?

Think about this point why do you need to do this? Think about this some questions, why do you need to do this? Which thing bound you to make a fake smile on your face?

  • Why you are bounded to make a happy face?
  • Why do you have to pretend to be happy when you are totally not?
  • Is this is necessary to pretend to be normal when I am badly hurt?

Why am I pretending to be happy?

Why are you pretending to be happy ask yourself. Is this is necessary to hide your feeling and instead be silent or crying you are fakely acting to be happy.

Why do you make your emotions bound to behave like what others want from you only? You are not a puppet who has no feelings. If someone does not understand your emotional habit, you also have no rule to make them always happy by showing a happy face.

Pretending always harms you from inside

Every time when to are trying to pretend to be happy its harms your emotional feeling. Which makes you sadder and sadder and also creates horrible memories of those all time.

So these are methods to make you strong to make you real and not a puppet to laugh when you don’t want to.

Fakely acting doesn’t make you better

Ask yourself by seeing in the mirror when you are actually happy. True happiness comes from inside when we are not feeling selfish, and actually like to do or talk with someone we love. Or when we have done something which we want to be completed for a long time.

And pretending fake happiness does improve something in you. You are not faking in front of others you are totally lying to yourself. You think you are happy doing things that others are doing and enjoying. Anyone can be happy with accomplishing their unique activities.

Make you brave to say you are not happy with that

  • Make yourself a brave person to handle the situation as you are thinking.
  • Make you bold to say no or to say you are not enjoying doing that or you are sad or emotional at that time.
  • Saying no is not a bad thing you are doing for something bad keep this in your mind.
  • Doing the thing at which time you want to do, makes you feel comfortable doing the work effectively and happily.

Start rescheduling your time for your fun activities

  • Do activities which give you go bumps and activities which cause you to feel satisfied and comfortable. hang out with people you like to be most and who make you feel happy first.
  • These things slowly change your behaviours and you can break your boundaries and make yourself really happy from the inside.
  • Stop thinking negative, about everything that happens in your life. Stop thinking only you are not happy or you don’t have thing wat everyone have.
  • You don’t have to be perfect for someone. only you need to do is to improve yourself to be better.
  • Always put yourself first if you are happy then you can make your family and friends happy.
  • Stop comparing, every one has their own issues in a very different way. Maybe what they are bearing cant be beard by you.
  • Talk with a good listener friend or any family member. If needed go for counselling.

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