how to ask a survey on Facebook

How to ask a survey on Facebook Easily

How to make a Facebook survey

A question survey on Facebook is such a nice idea; to know your visitors’ and readers’ interest areas. By doing a survey using questions; where questions have to be related to your blog niche. mostly you can start with the words “Did you know”.

Facebook offers two options for creative surveys simple poled and survey app. Whereas in a simple pole you are only allowed to ask one question. But on the other hand, the survey app; give you various other options to customize your questions.

The Facebook poll can be created on personal walls, in messages as well in groups, and also on the pages too.

Facebook question status

Write engaging Facebook posts as a question in your Facebook status section. Writing status and tagging with other people groups make it widely accessible.

Questions are like what you want to know, by which you can easily improve your content.

Also, write different types of question posts; and analyze which have more views or comments.

Comments are a review for that question. Also, have an answer to your question. Peoples sometimes give their reviews in the comment section. You can read their pain points and problems in the comment section.

By using this method, you also can get some new interesting ideas. For what things and topics do people find their solutions?

Facebook question images

Make an image where write your question on it with a simple engaging background. To make an image using Canva or Photoshop, and make it attractive. Canva is also available on android which is easy to use. You can easily choose templates and write questions on them.

Also, you can use the images and ideas from the Pinterest question survey for the Facebook questions.

How to ask questions on Facebook

How can one ask questions on Facebook? For this, you have to develop your observation skill. Frame the question in story form or any funny phrases. This will hide the purpose and encourage people to comment.

The Facebook algorithm is used to push up the posts, which are mostly liked by the users. So, the most interactive your post is the more people like it.

How do Facebook questions work?

It will help you to know your audience better; for what they are interested in. The interest area, trending topics, and pain points. By Surveying by using questions on Facebook.

You can ask for your users’ suggestions, and opinions.

Ask for your user’s problems which you can post about in the future. These are the terms people find on the web.

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