how to delete my wordpress website

How to Delete my WordPress website or Reset to Default

Reset WordPress Site

We love WordPress but sometimes you have to reset your site for a fresh design. Here is a guide on how to delete your WordPress website. When you have decided to redesign your site or maybe start all over again. Now let’s see How to delete the WordPress site or reset it.

Permanently Delete WordPress Website

Decide to delete your whole WordPress website, permanently from the internet? Before deleting your whole website, just take a breath and think twice. Because after deleting it, you can’t get it back again. All your posts, designs, and site setting are gone in a minute. And your site becomes unavailable on the internet completely.

Make a backup

Firstly please make a backup before doing this. You want to delete your site completely. But If you change your mind in the future or want some piece of its content that you already deleted. That time your backup saves you.

Delete Data From Way Back Machine

Wayback Machine collects all site information. You have to make sure to remove your site from it. If you want to permanently remove your site from the internet.

How to Reset WordPress Website

How to reset my WordPress website? You can reset your WordPress website by using these methods.

Using Reset Plugin

It is really easy to reset your site by using plugins. Install a WP Reset plugin from the WordPress plugin list. It resets your site database to default. This will reset all your theme customization, and plugin settings and delete all your post and page contents. And give you the default WordPress to take a fresh start.

Reset WordPress if you move it to Another Domain

This is not new when someone loses her domain, because you are not paying for it before it gets expired. Or you have taken a domain name which is not suites according to your site. And now you change it with another new domain. Or maybe you launched your site for a hobby and take it lightly. But now you wanna make it a professional site and take a serious then the silly old design and domain do not suites you. If you want to add a new domain but also want to keep your old domain. Because your audience keeps searching your old domain. Then you can register a new domain and point it to your site. This way you can add 301 redirects over from your old domain to your new domains.

Go to your WordPress site and click setting > General. Two web addresses are showing. Edit the WordPress address field and the site address field so it is your site’s new address. Old domain to new domain. Then click the save change button.

Reset WordPress Delete your content

How do I reset my site back to default?

how to delete wordpress website
how to delete a WordPress website

Sometimes you have to reset your site and remove all the content. This is not necessary to completely reset. You can delete all posts by selecting them from the dashboard. Also, you can delete your old pages and design them from scratch.

How to reset WordPress site GoDaddy

Resetting your site with GoDaddy, you can delete your site fully from GoDaddy Dashboard. Log in to your GoDaddy dashboard, and Select manage site.

How Do Restore WordPress Site

Delete the WordPress website and start over again.

How to restore WordPress site to the Previous Version

How do I reset my WordPress site? Are you thinking of not deleting your whole site? You can just reset your whole site, which makes it back to default.

How do I reset my WordPress site back to default?

Reset your theme settings to default, you can reset your theme in one single click. You have to do it by yourself, visiting each setting and choosing the default. In this way, your whole theme is back to its default setting. Also, some Plugins give a wipe setting, which wipes it all set. Or you can delete all plugins and install them again or customize its setting.

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