how to make a powerpoint presentation attractive

How to make a PowerPoint Presentation Attractive

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation

With PowerPoint, you can make an easy presentation with a little effort. How to make a PowerPoint presentation attractive also add texts, images, art and videos, and graphs in it. Easily add Translate, motion effects, and animations in your presentation to style it.

How to Prepare a Presentation on PowerPoint

Making a PowerPoint presentation is not hard work as you think. After reading this post maybe you think it is so much easy.

Follow the steps to make a good and powerful presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Start creating a PowerPoint presentation

To start creating a PowerPoint presentation make sure the topic. And make some research on it and make some points first before starting to make the presentation.

Now choose the blank presentation from the Layout section on the Home. Or also select some other types, including images or clips, sounds, etc.

Choose a Design for your Slides

  • To design your slides, go to the Design tab from the top, and choose which design suits your need.
  • Also, you can see the preview for the designs on the slide, before applying.
  • When you choose designs, they add to your other slides too. And if you want to add another design for your slide, choose that one slide separately and apply a different design to it.
  • To add a separate design for one slide, click, the design you want for the slide and select Apply. Which does not change the designs of the other slides.

Creating your PowerPoint title front page

  • Click to add the title and add the title for your presentation. Add your title name and add any subtitle or your name or anything else.
  • Now change your text colour, size or font style to make it bold as a title heading.

How to add slides on PowerPoint

You have to use more than one slide for every presentation, for this, you have to add.

Add and format text in MS PowerPoint

  • Move the mouse and place the cursor where you want your word text to be placed; And type the texts.
  • First, select the text which one you want to modify and be designed.
  • Now for editing select options from the HOME tab, where many options are there. Change its font design, and size, make it bold by B or italic by I letter shown. Also, you can underline the text by U which denotes the underline option.
  • Does Wanna need bulletins or number listed lines in your presentation? Select those texts and lines and add Bullets or Numbering. Where bullets and numbers have different other display options too.
  • Bullets have disc and circle display options, and numbers have roman no display option with other options too.

Add a picture, Chart, Graph or Shape in a PowerPoint

  • Select the insert option from the home section.
  • To add a picture; select the picture you want to insert in your presentation.
  • Adding shapes, art and chart; is according to your presentation. Check, If your presentation topic needs graphs or charts.
  • Select insert and choose graph or chart and modify it.
  • You can modify the columns’ colours and their layout.

How to change the slide orders in a PowerPoint presentation

To change the order of slides in your PowerPoint presentation just drag the slides by selecting them with curser by clicking on the slide which one you want to move. And move it up or down by dragging it in the required direction.

How to add translations in PowerPoint

  • Click the animations and select the animation after previewing the animations.
  • You can add the slide translation effect.
  • Animations on the texts and images.

Make Slide Show in MS PowerPoint

Make a slide show for your whole presentation after completing it. If any elements missing or any grammar mistakes. Correct and edit the required elements in your presentation before submitting it.

  • Click view from the menu, then slide show.
  • Choose your slide show type from the beginning of the current slide.

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