how to organize digital life

How to organize Digital life, stay Digitally Organized

How to stay digitally organized

How to declutter and organize your digital life in 2022.

A clean space in the home make a good effect on confidence. Same digital cleanliness builds confidence and increases security.

  • There are more and more emails and newsletters filling your inbox. many of them are unread and also some are Un useful. And you have a problem finding the important ones.
  • Many digital accounts, as well as social profiles, are created. Where many from those you never remember. Many account passwords are listed and unused many times.
  • In your mobiles, there are many applications which you never used recently in a week or even for months.
  • Normal people have many websites bookmarked on their browsers.

How to organize your life digitally

Organizing your life digitally includes your social profiles as well as all files.

How to organize your life for success

Successfully organize your life and make a successful lifestyle digitally. After organizing your devices, accounts, and folders; It becomes easy to use them. And you can see you find easily what you need a second time.

Steps to declutter your digital life

Personal digital organization

Take a digital declutter challenge, and organize your digital drives; such as dropbox, google drive, and others.

Files and folders

  • Rename your folders with a suitable name.
  • See if your files are saved in which folder. Save files to their proper folders.
  • Organize your files and folder.
  • Sync your files and documents on dropbox or google drive.
  • Delete unnecessary items and files.
  • Delete temporary files.

How to do a digital cleanup

It will take one Sunday to do a digital cleanup and organize digital life. Make a checklist and clean it one by one.


  • Delete unnecessary emails
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters or newsletters that come from unwanted websites.
  • Create filters and mark useful important emails.

Social media

  • Use a few social media apps, and figure out what features you want. And choose those where mostly all your friends are. And co-workers are connected and using.
  • Make one or two accounts only on one social platform.

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