Internet safety and security

Internet safety and security | What not to do online

What not to do online

Internet safety and security is a term that comes to our minds while using payments and downloading resources.

Internet safety rules

These are some daily habits and awareness to avoid internet fraud and problems.

don’t use public wifi

Do not use public wifi they are without passwords. This wifi can be easily accessed by anyone. Where there are many devices connected together.

create unique passwords

Create unique passwords for your id to keep them less guessed by others. Don’t use your room no, your birthdate etc. Use at least one capital letter, a few small letters, and some numbers and symbols in it and make it unique.

Keep your password change in a few weeks or at least in months necessarily. This is ecstasy for your Internet safety and security purpose.

remember your id and passwords

Remember your passwords in your mind or note them in on dairy. Don’t use it to save your passwords online or share them with your friends.

aware of fake websites

make sure the padlock symbol before using the website HTTPS HTTP including s is a must.

avoid illegal downloads

There are some restrictions that you cannot download materials outside of the application in some cases such as youtube, amazon etc. But some websites and applications give you the freedom to download videos on your devices from these applications. These are harmful to your device. You can also see the alert awareness message after you hit the download button from your device.

safe transactions

be aware of the security assurance before putting your bank accounts or credit card details. Always use trusted gateway sites to make your online transactions and payments.

do not save passwords

you have many accounts such as social accounts, working login password and many more sites which provides you with your unique id and passwords. Saving passwords and details is a good way to save time and ease of use but it is harmful to your security purposes. Choose the requirements for saving passwords.

social media

who is not aware of social media cybercrimes, and misuses nowadays? But keep your private things private, don’t post things you don’t want to misuse.

do not share too much information online. Don’t easily let others know all about you just by seeing your online information and posts.

Modified APK files

There are many components and sites that provide you with modified versions of APK files. These modified APK files known as MOD can easily be seen on the internet by searching. Which gives you an easy level up and lots of resources to speed up the game process and also to use purchased features in other applications too. Don’t download modified APK flies they can collect your personal data and also have viruses in it. They can slow down your device or can break your security features. Just think this, if they can hack and modify the high-security components applications. Then how easy they can hack your security on your device?

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