Love status in english

Love status in English – Romantic Facebook Whatsapp Caption

Here I have shared some cute Relationship love status quotes in English for love affection that you would like to share. These love statuses are based on love intimacies. You can share these on your social media accounts or direct message to your loved one.

Romantic Love Status

Romantic lines to share on your social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Or share these lines on messaging to share your feelings.

romantic love status
romantic love status

When u love and trust each other no matter what the situation is a true relationship.

Grow your relationship with strong love and honesty.

Love WhatsApp status

love WhatsApp status
WhatsApp status

Love status in English to share on your WhatsApp.

If you love each other you’ll go through the pain together and survive the darkest time in life together.

Love Status on Fb

Status on love to share on Facebook.

“You love a person with whom you fight the most”.

“Share your pain with someone who really understands you in every situation”.

One Line Status

One line love status to put as a caption on your social media accounts.

“A relationship is just like a joyful ride, you will fight, you will love and you will enjoy this beautiful ride”.

Cute Lines to Share on Social Media

Cute love lines to share on Facebook or WhatsApp.

“In a relationship, you have to take the pain and share the happiness”.

“I don’t want a better perfect relationship, I want a real and cute relationship”.

Love Status in English

Trust is a key that keeps relationships last long.

Enjoy your relationship because that is the most beautiful moment you have in this life. And remember these movements never comes again and again.

“What is love, and its importance”?

“Capture the special moments in your relationship because that moment will never be going to come back again”.

It takes a lot of effort to maintain a good relationship you cant walk away from a difficult situation.

“Truth is truth, and hiding it, ruins everything, Sharing may be hurtful but makes you honest”.

“Best feeling in the world when you are with me”.

No matter how many mistakes you make my mind gets angry but my heart remains the same.

I hope you love those quotes, Share these quotes and status with your loved ones. Let me know in the comment section which quotes from these are beautiful for you. Stay positive in your love life.

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