Are people desire things that most other people have even if they do not need them

Are people desire things that most other people have even if they do not need them?

Yes, people desire things that most other people have even if they do not need them. Humans are never satisfied with what they have already. If we have ice cream we want the chocolate too.

Basic human acquisitiveness

There are some basic needs everyone needs to live life. Which are bread, house, and family. But after having these essentials in life we want some luxury to live life easily. We want some more money to buy more luxury.

What do humans desire most?

Most and very needful desire for people are our food, health, security, soul-feeding, and stability.

Why do people expect Desire?

If we have a family we want some friends, if we have friends we want lots of friends or best friends. We live in a society where every person has different luxuries. Some have many houses, some own a car. Some have beautiful or smart partners while some have very little and fewer things in their life.

There are many peoples who are really unlucky in their life. They are struggling for their jobs, life or for their family. This is really a sad reality of life in which not every person have good fortune.

But we are seeing people in our surroundings from our relatives or friends circle. Where are some peoples who have really good fortune or have a normal life? What normal life is? It is when you have a house to live in with your family. Having a family with no critical relationship issues. Have children, siblings and parents with a nice partner. Good health with own house and a stable income source.

Why do People have so many cravings?

Why do we have so many desires?

Peoples have so many desires in our lives. There are so many things to do in life if health, family, and luxury. If we satisfy our one desire there are so many in front of us. Also, we are moving forward in our age. Also, desires come after the age when we completed one stage of our life there are very different things to complete in front of us.

But still, they are not satisfied with what they have. And want to snatch other people’s pieces of stuff or happiness by insulting or snacking their belongings. They are the peoples who are never satisfied with what they have.

But if you are thinking the people have fewer things they need more luxury or have more need. No that’s not true, having lots of stuff or people in life does not satisfy the person who craves more and more things.

In short, a person is never ever satisfied if he or she keep watching other people and keep comparing him or herself with those peoples.

Top things peoples desperately want more

But after being satisfied with all basic needs people want luxury. They want the good health


Some peoples want to gain good health or a good personality. For this, they do yoga or join the gym to make a good diet. Because in our human society a good-looking criterion is defined.

Make herself a property owner

Some peoples have a craving to own more properties to gain respect or to make themselves successful to become the most powerful personality.

To die in a good hospital

Who wants to suffer when they are sick, but unfortunately if you have less money to afford the facility of the hospital or the medical treatment you are going to suffer lots of pain during your sick period. Peoples think if they have a good bank balance they avoid suffering them. It is not true truly if you have a desire you have to suffer with pain.

But it is also true that if you have the money you can afford good doctors and their facilities. Which can reduce your pains and suffering.


Freedom is a process gift for anyone but some have this desire because they have many things in their lives but not the freedom to do what they want to do.

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