psychology facts on love

Psychology facts on love (Wierd mind-blowing Attachment)

Psychology fact about Love

Psychology Facts on Love and its interesting, mind-blowing, weird but magical experiences. According to human behaviour, psychological facts are described in different categories.

Here I m going to discuss some of the interesting mind-blowing psychological facts about love. If you are truly in love then you can easily relate some of this with yourself. Or if you have no such type of love in your life yet, it’s weird. So also we can say we are going to discuss some of the weird psychological facts about love. Because love, the lovers, and their behaviours always seem weird.

psychology facts about love
psychology facts about love

What is Love Psychology?

Understanding psychological facts which are related to human behaviour during love and attraction. Love psychology is brief according to different conditions, natures of persons, and the situation between persons.

Psychology About Love Facts

Psychological facts about love are very interesting and weird but it is also a magical experience. When you read books or articles on love or love psychology, it seems silly. But experiencing those in your own life, make you believe in love.

Facts About Love Psychology

All exists only in one:

Attraction, Lust, and attachment all feelings are combined with one person. You are feeling lots of similarities according to your heart, what you want for always. How to know you found your life soulmate?

Complicacy Comes with Love:

Things, feelings, situations, and decisions make themselves too complex in love. You are hating and love both of these people. Sometimes it annoys you too much, next you want it badly.

Lust is different from Love:

Attachment is associated with feelings When someone is in the attraction phase of love. It means you can be so in love. And you can’t eat or sleep well.

Being in love changes you: People have different interests and personality changes. After entering into their respective relationships.

Love can be a pain reliever:

Being with your loved one makes you feel more comfortable like never before. And make you feel less pain when you are near your love. Read Some of the sweet love lines for your love partner.

Love can make you sick:

Love heals pains, love makes you butterflies, and spark in your eyes and soul. But it also makes you sick easily when you are not able to see your love. They are doing things you don’t want or dating someone or marrying. And sometimes it makes you feel frozen in your heart. and you are not able to do your work properly.

It takes just a few seconds only to fall in love:

Sometimes it happens at first sight. Sometimes you are connected with a person for a long time, but in some movement, event, or seconds you accidentally fall in love with them.

Love makes you dumb:

Falling in love makes people do the most embarrassing things, which we called silly and nonsense at other times. Like unnecessary smilings, blushing, laughing, talking too much, or jealousy without any reason.

Love does Hurt:

Love hurt and heartbroken is a real sensation. It is not just something that is only in your head. It is called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. This syndrome is emotional and physical stress, such as the loss of a loved one.

The love hormone is two-faced:

Two-faced love sides: soft and hard. Psychologist says that hormone strengthens social memory in the brain. And includes bad memories, which can be triggered long after a negative incident. Because it can fuel habits like irritability and jealousy.

Falling in love is an addiction:

We also fall in love with someone who looks like us. And It can be their behaviour, values, living style or personality. Talking with them, staying with them almost being with them makes you additions to their existence or thinking in your mind. Wanna read some beautiful and romantic quotes or Shayari on love by heart?

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