texting games for couples

Texting games for Couples to play romantically

2 Person Texting Games

Texting Games for Couples to play on chat are games that you can play during your online chats. These are the type of games you can play while messaging on any social platform.

Feel free to modify the game rules or methods to play. Or try to mix some of those with each other and enjoy, it with your partner.

Couples Texting Games

Playing games with friends or with a special person or with your partner is sometimes very different.

couples texting games
couples texting games

1. Story creating

This is a type of creative game. Which have lots of creative plots.

Before starting the game, you both have to fix some rules between you. Then start creating the story. And make it to the end.

Start with a theme, which can help you both think and understand the atmosphere of the story.

Now, start with a starting sentence. And send it to your partner.

The reply comes with the other sentence. Now continue it till the end.

2. I Never

I never allow sharing secrets. Start saying things with the “I Never” prefix.

3. One Thing

Asking about things one by one. Example of what they want to change in their life. In different areas like career, activities, and love life. Or what things they want to change in you. Or wish those things in you. You can give them options too. And they have to choose from those options.

4. Rhyming Sentences

Text in sentences that rhymes with each other. Sentences rhyme with each other.

Some lovers are deep Shayari lovers they can text each other only by texting Shayari.

5. Emoji texting games

Emoji and stickers texting are easier and more exciting these days. You can easily find suggestions on a keyboard for emojis and gifs.

You can play it as text dam shares. Where pick a movie name and edit its texts with emojis and send it to the partner. Then they have to guess about the movie.

You can do it for song names. or memorable places you visited. or memorable movements by emojis. While if your partner can’t guess it easily, give them some clues.

Romantic Texting Games for Couples

romantic texting games for couples
romantic texting games for couples

1. Imaginary Situations

Create imaginary situations, to which you both can relate easily. And make fun of them.

We both dive into the river and see the mermaids.

We both are in a car and snow is all around.

Create endless imaginary situations and make fun of them.

2. Choices

Give your partner two choices each time they choose one. and by this create a story. or make a flirt with them.

include rapid-fire in it.

Would you like to get married to a few people around or have a grand wedding?

Which one do you prefer strawberry or chocolate?

3. Memory of the movement

For a long time, relationship lovers have had a lot of memories together. This texting game is for long-time partners.

You can ask questions like. What I am wearing on our first date. What I have said after our first kiss.

4. Flirting as a stranger

Flirt with your partner in a different style or create a theme like you both are strangers. and flirt with each other in different characters. Make it spicier and more romantic by saying things you can’t say, are you?

5. Truth or Dare

ask to choose truth or dare then give a task to “say I love you in four different languages”. “Send your funny picture”. or can ask a question on choosing truth.

Fun Texting Games for Couples

fun texting games for couples
fun texting games for couples

1. Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks is a fun texting game for couples to play.

Wrote a sentence with an empty word. Your partner has to fill it with some good funny words.

I am wearing a sparkle ____ And dancing like a princess.

2. Funny Scenarios

Create funny situations and test each other’s responses.

Create funny scenarios with endless fun, and share funny responses with them.

Think one morning you wake up seeing your mobile phone turned into a demon.

3. Questions for a question

These texting games are for testing your smartness. The questions need to be answered as a question themselves.

“Do you wear boots?” “Do you ask me to go for a drive?”

4. Texting with movie dialogues

Keep texting with movie dialogues. Use any dialogues according to the sentences your partner texted. Dialogues can be romantic, funny, honourable or dramatic.

Texting Games to Play with Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Crush

Texting games to play with your partner is a great way to get closer or know them better.

Knowing Your Partner Texting Games

You can know your boyfriend or girlfriend or know your crush well while playing some of these texting games.

1. Most Likely Questions

With this game, you can check your partner’s opinions. What are you likely to cook tonight?

2. Would you rather?

It is an either-or game.

3. Two Truths One Lies

One has to text three sentences which of the two are true and the other is a lie. The second one has to spot a lie between them. And if they choose the right lie, they will earn points.

What will you choose: A beautiful model with no IQ or a Brilliant person with no good personality?

Suggestion you can try

Try to make the game memorable and fill romance in your love life. Show your affection to your love partner indirectly or directly. You can also choose your crush to show your deep feelings.

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