the stages of relationship

The stages of Relationship with Love

Relationship with Love stages

The stages of a relationship define the different emotions of different stages. A relationship has to be full of trust, intimacy and attraction. And relations need the deep mutual expression of respect, chemistry, affection, and partnership between two peoples.

Relationship and Love

A love affair or a relationship is so popular in these eras. A close bond with another goes deeper than lust and attraction. Also with a deep mutual expression of respect intimacy, chemistry, and partnership between partners.

What is Relationship Love mean? We all talk about love but what it is? It is an intense feeling of deep affection, which is a beautiful feeling. Love is different from lust which combines a lot of care and respect for a person you love.

We are seeing many different types of relationships between people in our surroundings. Also in Between friends and family members. But basically, we all talk about romantic love intimacy between two persons.

How do you know you love someone?

Loving someone is all about; accepting them as same as they are. But different peoples have different definitions and experiences of love. So, How do you know if you have found your love? Did you tell me you are in love? Being in love, having intense feelings of passion, obsession, care, and also lust. But You can say that you are in love with somebody If you can feel them or if you miss him all time. Love makes you feel good and pleasant, and the shows the best part of your behaviour. Relationships are an essential part of our life. Love Relationships define only relations; between lovers.

How to maintain love in a Relationship

Being in love; making it work together is a very different thing. And making relationships long-lasting is a high-working element.

Difference between love and a relationship?

Love and relationships are two very different things. Love is a feeling where a Relationship is being together with a commitment. There is a huge difference between being in love and having a relationship. A relationship is the desire and happiness of your partner. In a relationship trust is the most important part. In love only love and its true feelings are the most important things.

The true meaning of love in a relationship?

The true meaning of love in a relationship is a term, where you and your partner build a strong bond.

Stages of a Relationship

There are various stages in a relationship which are described and defined below.

Relationship without intimacy

A relationship without intimacy has less romantic boring and sad. Intimacy is not physical it is the heart and sentimental intimacy that connects two people emotionally too. Intimacy makes both love and relationship stronger and unbreakable. It combines understanding, dedication and affection.

Relationship without trust

It is very hard to survive a kind of relationship where the relationship is running without trust. Trust and beliefs make a comfortable and strong faith between two people. Without trust; no relationship can survive in good conditions. No matter what kind of relationship it is.

Intimacy in a relationship

Intimacy in a relationship makes the relationship more romantic and adds fictional experiences. You cannot believe relationships with high intimacy makes an imaginary character. Adds amazing feelings and attraction between partners.

Types of relationships?

Relationships are four types Family relationships friendships, acquaintanceships and romantic relationships.

Family Relationships

family relationships

A family relationship is a combination of relationships; that join people directly by blood. This is important for all of us mental growth and stability. Because these relationships teach children a respectful way to resolve their future problems. The youngsters explore the world, in a better direction and in the right way. Old people live life easier and happier And transmit their values and experiences to their juniors. Family relations help maintain old values with modern differences.



A long-term connection with someone filled with enjoyment, and trust makes people friends. And true friendship is when someone knows you way better than yourself. Friends relationships are very different from all. The other differences are beyond religion or status. And running without too many expectations gives more take less.



People from our society or class just know their names. Someone, you know a little about and are also they are not your friend. Acquaintanceship refers to people from your surroundings. They are your colleague’s classmates or your neighbours. People which are living or working with you are the best helper. Maintaining relationships with them makes cultures and environments of living, and working easily.

People are helping those; who have a more strong; and healthy relationships with them. Have a pleasant and helpful nature. Attract peoples tend to have more relations with surrounding people.

Romantic Relationship

Two people with a love affair, a love relationship full of romance and intimacies makes romantic relationships between two people. They love to spend time together love together.

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