what happens when I stop using social media

What happens when I stop using social media Challenge

What things can happens when I stop using social media for some time? Are you thinking about cutting yourself out from social media, for some time to take a break to relax?

There are many situations that can occur according to your condition. It is totally up to you, what step you are taking.

What happens when you are going to stop using social media

Cutting off social media as a student

Condition 1: If you are a student in your elementary or high school or you are pursuing your college degree.

  • You can explore more people and their different habits. You know your surroundings better than you know. Couse you are freely seeing them doing their work, making faces.
  • Sometimes you can find more interesting or friendly people around you.
  • Because you are not spending your time on social media, you can freely observe people’s activities very well.
  • You can easily read their expressions about your words or activity.
  • Also, you have much time to spend time for your yoga, gym or for your extracurricular activity as well as focusing on your studies and career.

Cutting off social media as a job person

Condition 2: If you are an employer and doing a regular job many times it takes you into a problem.

  • These days people share their job details, and file transfers on WhatsApp or sometimes new events are announced on their company profile.
  • And colleagues are also active on their social accounts where they share small details, issues and next-day plans.
  • You can miss your notifications about what going on in the office or what is going to be in future in your department.

What happens when you stop using social media as a free person

Condition 3: If you are a homemaker or a person who has not to have many tasks to do to make you busy every time.

  • Is hard to pass time, when you have no one to hang out with.
  • As a homemaker, you can’t leave your house every day or every time to hang out with others.
  • But you can spend your time cleaning and decorating your house.
  • Do some exercises and yoga to make your body fit.
  • Instead of going gym, you can take a walk after earl;y sleeping. Because social media make people’s sleep lately which is unhealthy in every condition.


Using social media does not go to affect you. When you decide to give it only a few hours like one or two. Using social media gives you the news about what is going on in your society. Near you or in the countries. It also helps you connect with people too. Know about the benefits of using social media.

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