what is psychology of personality

What is psychology of personality facts

Psychology facts about Personality

What is the Psychology of Personality and its facts?

It is a branch of psychology where we study what is psychological phenomena of personality. Personalities are a set of characteristics by persons that influences them.

What psychology says about personality

  • A person’s personality refers to the pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
  • It is built by their expectations and their needs.
  • People’s personality depends according to their self-perceptions values and their attitude.
  • It also reflects and can be predicted. By seeing their reactions to other people’s problems. Or when they are stressed or angry; their reaction reflects people’s true personalities.
  • Some peoples make their decisions on an emotional basis. Sometimes they trust their values or the situation or also it is also for the person they are trusting.
  • Personality embraces moods and opinions.
  • Some peoples have more organized, rigid, competitive and anxious personalities.
  • Biochemical theories are those based on body shape.
  • Some peoples make their decisions logical, factual basis. Where it is according to them why they are doing this on which purpose. For their or some other benefits. Or for their futuristic safety requirements and views for them or the others.

How psychology defines personality

There are two types of people described, according to their very different personalities.

  1. Introverts
  2. Extroverts


  • Introverts focus inward on their thoughts. They are mostly concerned with what going on inside their heads. They feel more comfortable focusing on their inner thoughts and ideas. Like to join others but enjoy only with one or two people.
  • Some introverts are shy and prefer to be alone.
  • They do not like to go to a party, every night. But, prefer solitary activities to interact with large groups of people. Rather than wasting their time on parting, they enjoy their hobbies and interests.
  • Thinking introverts are daydreamers, and spend a lot of time in their thoughts, but have creative imaginations.
  • They are not unfriendly when you try to talk with them they are interesting too.

Signs you might be an Introvert

  • Need quit to get focused and concentrated
  • Self-aware and reflective
  • Take too much time to make decisions
  • Don’t like group works want to work themselves
  • Have in less group but with strong bonds


Extroverts focus outwards into the world. They pay attention to what going on around them. do not hesitate to meet people. they are friendly personalities persons who enjoy talking and being with their friends. Love to explore things and people.

What is personality according to psychology?

  • Some personalities come with birth genetically in your nature and your body physics. But some personality you can develop on your own, by changing your routines and exercises for your physical personality.
  • And meditation and keeping your mind cool with self-motivation, self-respect, and self-confidence. And also controlling your mind on your mood swings to deal with your bad activities. Bad activities and behaviours can ruin your personality in front of others.
  • But you can control it by understanding yourself and your situation better.
  • Do the best for you to get to the top of your abilities.

Personality Disorders

  • People are facing many issues and bad days in their lifetime. Sometimes they overcome the situations easily. Many times people and society hurt them deeply by abusing and misbehaving in their bad situations. And then they feel emotional week.
  • In personality disorders, persons are confused, embarrassed, and frustrated. It can cause delusions and unusual behaviours. Many more problems with memory, attention and concentration.
  • Be original, you don’t have to be fake to do better for yourself. It’s your personality, not a cloth you can purchase costly, better iron and can shine easily. If it is fake it will fade away.

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