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What is URL in Blog? Why URL structure is important?

What is URL structure Why URL structure is important and what is to avoid in URL? How you can write the best and most good URL for your blog post? URLs are also said as permalink; which are our site and posts link.

What is URL

URLs are the links that have keywords in them. People are searching for their keywords. URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which; is known as; a web address. It indicated the location of web pages on the internet.

Humans cant read the IP addresses so URLs are in human-readable text format.

URL Structure Example

protocol://domain name/path


Here is the path area you have to generate manually for your blog.

Why URL structure is important?

URL structures give information to search bots on the topic (keywords) this address contains.

It is a part of SEO to optimize the site and the information based on which keyword. URL matters so much for the SEO optimization process.

Good URL design rules

What is a good URL structure?

For a good URL structure, it should be simple, not so long, not have so many numbers, and keywords are placed in a structured manner. Should contain the main keyword and can have the relevant keyword.

The best URL structure for a blog

The best URL structure for a blog contains some rules; here are some good design rules for SEO.

It should be short and simple; Your URL has to be at least four to a maximum of eight. Long URL makes the links heavy and confusing.

Your main keyword; is placed at starting of the URL. After that put some related keywords (keywords that are related to your focus keyword).

Keywords used in URL; are also given minor ranking factors; on SERP.

Do not stuff a URL with unuseful keywords; you can simply put your keywords here.

Try to avoid Google stop words in your URL like is, of, etc.

To find some good and relevant keywords for your URL do some searches.

Firstly type your keyword in Google search and see the below page. There are google gives you the result itself; to find related terms from these key phrases.

Use hyphens to separate your keywords. For example, easy-10-minute-recipe.

When someone is sharing your post then a good URL that shows your keyword in it; increases the click rate by the receiver. Where the keyword makes them know what is in that link.

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