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What is WordPress Featured Image? popular sizes

What is WordPress featured image; in the posts or for your pages? It is the first image from your post or a predefined image that represents what your post is about.

Are featured images necessary for your blog pages; or posts; the answer is yes, to engage with users. Proven by many people images make things relatable. It is a representation; of your entire posted article, which should be related to the article.

The image should be related to the article, with a message; what is in the article, user can easily understand by seeing the image.

Interesting, unique, interacting, and clear with good resolution.

Add custom font designs with bold typography.

Without using the proper size of the image for a feature image make it rendered when the browser crop it while displaying it on the screen.

Featured images are the first things that appear in readers after the heading.

The featured image appears in search results if that attracts users’ attention; then it also leads to the click increment on the article.

Now let’s see; what is WordPress featured image size; you can use in your posts?

There are a lot of different sizes for featured images people are using. Bloggers use some standard sizes such as 1200*628 and many more. In the neve theme; features, the image is described as 900px wide.

You can customize your images as your theme colour on your website. It looks good if it matches your website’s colour. Choose one chosen size for each of your images.

Is it being bad to not use featured images for your blog posts?

Not using a featured image is not bad, but using it makes your post engaging. You can gain user attraction by using an attractive image that is relatable to the posts.

1200 * 630

640 * 360

The size of the image varies according to the theme.

To reduce the page speed, use Web image format. For this, you can use two methods; use the plugin to change the format or change it manually and then upload it.

Use images editors

The best is to use android applications or web-based tools to generate your feature image.

Photoshop is a popular image editing software to create any type of image.


Canva is a drag-and-drop featured image editing tool. You can use this to easily generate your images using images, font style, etc. It’s free and paid, both versions you can use and download in any format.

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