what is WordPress for

What is WordPress for – Its free to use?

What is WordPress for

What is WordPress for? How to Create a Free WordPress Blog. Without spending any money, you can start your blog or website. This is a free content management system, which runs with PHP. Using this you can create a website with beautiful layouts and designed with amazing features without coding knowledge.

Using this you can create a place on the internet by launching your website. Which is acceptable to people on the internet. A few times before coders code their code on HTML. Peoples know to create a small page but cant easily connect their created site with the internet. But some hosting providers make it easy to do also for a non-technical person too.

I am going to tell you how you can create your site and run it on the internet. It is all free and costs very little, also which can be seen by other people on any device.

How to start to make a Personal Blog

Personal Blogs are not organization based. These are just like an old-time dairy writing way. Where you can write stories, information, and tips to share with all internet users. Personal blogs are developed for sharing thoughts and views.

Statistics say that the WordPress platform runs more than 30% of the internet.

But do you know there are two types of WordPress? Which are WordPress.org (self-hosted) and wordpress.com. There is a very difference between both platforms. You are free to choose one of those.

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

It gives you free hosting without any cost. But it gives you only 3GB of space to use.It does not come with hosting, you have to purchase hosting service according to your need and budget.
You can create subdomains but it seems like myblog.wordpress.com. Which you can remove by taking WordPress paid plans.Custom domains have to be purchased.
Basic security and backup service automatically.You have to take responsibility for your site by yourself. But you have full control of your site.
Third-party plugin installation is not available. Without paid version, you can’t install the plugin. Themes are limited, and customization is very less.Third-party Themes, plugins/ tools can be installed. And can design as you want.
You can’t fully control your Site design, performance, or functionality. You can only use default features for free.Fully customize and have full control.
wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

If you want to create a blog for business purposes best to choose wordpress.org.

Making Free Blog or Personal Blog

Step 1: Elements before making a Personal Blog

If daily dairy writing is your habit then blogging is not so uncomfortable for you to do. You can create contents in which area you are knowledgeable or very interested to explore. Share your thoughts with your friends and strangers using your blogs. If your personal is successful then also you can modify it in future.

Step 2: What you needed to start

1. Choose a niche or a topic for your Personal Blog

Firstly choose a niche for your personal blog. Niche is a central topic in which your whole blog is going to be created. Choose wisely where your interest and knowledge are. Don’t choose the niche only because they are popular.

After that choose three-four or more categories from your niche. Choose a category in which you can create your topics and blogs.

Here are some blog topic niche ideas for you to choose from.

2. Personal information for your personal blog

Decide on the personal information you want to share with your readers. Just like your name, interests, motive, and education. Give links to your social media accounts to directly visit on socials. They are all optional, but giving some information is necessary.

3. Good name for your blog

Personal blogs me ap apne name ko bhi use kar sakte hai. ye wo naam hai jisse aap subdomain create karenge aur jis name se log apke blog ya website ko janenge.

WordPress.com gives you five plans to choose from.

free – has very limitations

paid – personal, premium

Step 3: What you need to create an account on wordpress.com hh

Your own personal E-mail or Gmail Account

Sign up on wordpress.com or create an account on WordPress by using your email

Enter your email (enter your email or Gmail address)

Choose your username (unique username)

Create a password (strong password)

Click on create your account

Limitations with wordpress.com

Is WordPress Open Source

1. Why Should you use WordPress?

40% of the other websites on the internet are using it. This shows WordPress’s popularity, also because it is open source.

2. WordPress is free and open-source

Anyone can download, edit, customize and use. So, yes WordPress open source and free. Using this software is free, but you might end up paying for some features like:

  • Hosting
  • Premium supports
  • Plugin’s premiums
  • Themes premiums

We are covering a few questions in this post:

Is it really free?

Why is it free for us?

Which things are not free in WordPress?

Read these below lines to know which things are not free after using their free.

You can download a copy for free and can use it. You can make a website on it and sell its code to other people. It means you can also share this with others. Can design new themes, and templates and can sell them to others.

Clients are paying for the code. WordPress is not owned by the company. It’s owned by a non-profit foundation, which ensures free access. It has thousands of plugins; some are free and some you have to pay for.

The software itself is free but if you run a website on the internet. You need server space on which to host it. Hosting providers will rent you space on the servers that you use to host your site. They can’t own your site, it’s yours. And you can edit, customize and move it at any time. Managing hosting and servers costs money.

3. Do you think about how it still running?

You know that is run by a non-profit foundation and hundreds of developers contribute to its codebase for free. You are now wondering how these things are possible. The reality behind this is, that thousands of companies, developers, and enthusiasts benefit from WordPress. They are giving support because they also gain profit with it. They provide support via WordPress support forums.

4. Using WordPress free

If you are using the wordpress.com plan, which is owned by a private company. After signing up for a free plan, users can use it for free. But there are limitations. You have no access to the code. you are limited with the themes and have no access to plugins. You won’t be able to use your domain name and also there will be ads on your site over. Which you have no control over.

But for hobby bloggers, this isn’t a problem. But if you want to use WordPress for a professional website it’s a problem. So, there are other premium plans offered by wordpress.com. Which gives you the ability to use your domain and also some extra features. But here you don’t have much freedom to modify it.

So, I recommended getting a self-hosted site and only paying for hosting.

After deciding to get your self-hosted site. You can decide what themes and plugins to run. The content you can move or can change.

5. What aspect of WordPress is free?

Its installation is free. You can choose between free and premium themes. Plugins are free. WordPress and all updates are also free.

1. Software download

Downloading the software is free but only use the official download page.

2. Support is free

Domain management and WordPress itself installation is free. For the other problems find sources from WordPress support.

3. Themes

In WordPress, there are thousands of free themes available. You can choose any one of them and easily switch from one to another. and can switch themes as many you want. Does it in the WordPress theme directory?

There are several types of themes that are well coded, reliable, and secure. WordPress theme directory is a place where you can safely download themes.

4. Plugins

Like themes, there are thousands of free WordPress Plugins available. You can choose according to your need and suitability.

What kinds of websites WordPress can make?

Many years ago, WordPress is a tool for creating a blog. Nowadays, you can create any type of website with WordPress. WordPress power a huge number of business sites and blogs. Also, the most popular way to create an eCommerce store.

By using WordPress, you can create:

  • Blogs
  • Resumes
  • Social Networks
  • Business Websites
  • Forums
  • Portfolios

or anything else you want to create.

6. Aspects of WordPress which are not free

How much it costs will depend on the needs of your site.

1. Paying for your hosting plans

If you are making a self-hosted site, you need to pay for a hosting provider.

Even if you are on wordpress.com and using a free plan. You will end up paying for your hosting in the end.

2. Paying for support

Your hosting provider provides support to help you. If you need extra support, then you can buy premium support.

3. Paying for themes

If you cannot find a free theme that does not meet your needs, then you can buy premium themes.

Check the top most free themes. Some themes come with both free and paid versions; you can switch as you need. There are some things that premium themes do which is not provided by free versions.

4. Paying for plugins

After using a few months, it will come with your site’s need to make it more professional. You need to pay for premium plugins for extra features and better functionality.

5. Paying for updates

After using premium themes and plugins, you will normally get at least a year of free updates. But you will probably have to pay again to get the updated version. And some plugin providers only require you to pay once in a lifetime.

6. Hiring a Developer

If you can’t satisfy any free or premium themes and plugins. Then you can hire developers to create your website. Wanna read how to make a blog on WordPress?

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