why personal hygiene is important

Why Personal Hygiene is Important for Health

Personal Hygiene and Health

Why Personal hygiene is important in health and social care? This article is all about the types, importance, benefits and maintenance of personal hygiene in your life. The human body provides places for disease-causing germs and parasites to grow and multiply. Where these include skin and around the body, it is less if people have good hygiene habits. Personal hygiene is how you take care of your body and reduce medical illness.

Why Personal Hygiene is Important for Health

Why Personal hygiene is important for our health and fitness.

Benefits of Personal Hygiene

Good hygiene habits are very important in today’s society to live healthily. Where varieties of diseases are spread all over. Make your body clean stopping the spread of illness and infections.

If you have poor hygiene habits in your daily lifestyle many infectious diseases like respiratory infections, worm-related conditions, eye infections, dental problems, and skin infections.

It reduces your body odour, you do not feel embraced in front of others at the workplace or school.

Personal Hygiene Types

Body Shower

Washing the body should shower and bath every day or if it is impossible somehow wash all over body with wet sponge or cloth. Washing the body helps keep it free from disease-causing germs.

Hair washing with shampoo at least once a week or can do it two times. it will reduce hair germs and dirt from pollution and keep your mind fresh.

Dental Care

Cleaning the teeth after meals to make sure that gum disease is avoided. Oral hygiene will ward off gum disease, and nasty infections. Teeth cleaning is important before going to bed and also after your breakfast. By this, you keep your gums and teeth healthy. Floss regularly, store your toothbrushes well dry them after using them and wash them with water before using them.

It also good breath and gives you a solution for avoiding bad breath.

Hand Washing

Must have to wash your hands with soap well after going to the toilet. Washing hands helps stop the spread of germs.

Nails Hygiene

  • Specks of Dirt are collected in nails easily, if they are long they collect more dirt.
  • Cut your nails before it gets long.
  • Clean under the nails.

Why is Personal Hygiene Important when Handling Food

Hygiene in Kitchen

Washing your hand with soap before eating or preparing food in the kitchen. During all-day activities outdoors or in Indore, there are germs in the hands and under the nails. Handwashing cleans them from your hands before preparing food they may get into food. Washing your hands before preparing food helps keep germs out of your body. And handwashing before eating food helps you stop germs from getting into your body.

Hygiene for Kids

  • Before picking up a baby or infant wash your hands and make sure your clothes are clean.
  • Wash their clothes regularly, and change them when they get dirty.
  • Use soft material cloths material to clean babies and wash them after every use.
  • Wash your pets regularly they are near your kids.

Hygiene Cloths

Clothes are on all our bodies covered and touched so you must wear clean clothes. Wash your dirty clothes with laundry shopped before you are going to wear them again.

Hang your clothes in sun to dry, it will kill disease-causing germs from clothes.

Why is personal hygiene important in Health Care

Sickness Hygiene

If you are not feeling well, you should cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Wiping your nose well and throw it properly to make sure not to infect others.

Someone other people is causing and sneezing near you. You should cover your mouth and your nose with your hand or a tissue.

Rest your Body to rebuild it

Getting enough sleep is most important for your well-being. Without sleep, your body and you cannot properly work. Not sleeping properly makes your face age.

Why is personal hygiene important to prevent the spread of infection

Avoid Germs to catch your body

An overcrowded house or area getting a disease is greater than not being overcrowded. Overcrowded areas or houses are in marriage ceremonies or party places, or festival events. Their peoples are much closer to each other and it is easier for any germs to spread. For example, Sneezing and causing make it easy to spread flu or cold from one to another.

Towel-sharing processes are comments which can spread trachoma germs or eye infections.

Sleeping in same bed, toilets, bathrooms. And better air circulation. Overcrowding occurs in houses due to serval reasons. Families are not able to afford to pay rent on a house of their own. Family events such as marriages, funerals or festive events.

Importance of Personal Hygiene

Why is personal hygiene important in the workplace?

No matter where are you, studying in a school, college or working in your office. We continue using our hands; touching lots of surfaces; greeting people; using tools or computers. That’s why it is our hands that take lots of germs and dirt in them. Without washing it before eating or touching your nose or mouth transfer those germs into your body. Where it is the quickest way to prevent illness or infections.

  • Wash your hands regularly before eating meals.
  • Wash hands after shaking hands with a person who has a cough, or sneezes.
  • Cover your mouth and nose well when your nearby is ill or infected.

Why is personal hygiene important in a salon?

In a salon, there are towels and combs used by all customers. After coming home you have to take a bath and make your body clean with soaps or products you use. And shampoo your hair to clean them too. You don’t know how many batteries your body is covered with right now.

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